- A close look inside the Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market and a breakdown of the the many areas and sub markets that make up Northern Kentucky -

Jan. 21, 2013

December 2012 Northern Kentucky Foreclosure Stats by County

This is a "Heat Map" showing NEW foreclsoure filings for Kentucky. Data is not available for all counties in the state, but our local area of Northern Kentucky, has coverage for Kenton County, Boone County, Campbell County, Pendleton County, Grant County, and Galatin County.  These stats do NOT include old filings, they are only new foreclsoure filings for the month of December 2012.



Kenton County with 48 new foreclsoure filings; Boone County with 18 new forelcosure filings, Campbell County with 10 new foreclosure filings, and Grant County with 7 new foreclsoure filings took spots 3-6 on the top ten list for December 2012. 


Jan. 19, 2013

Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market Trends 2002 - 2012

Below is an interesting look at the Northern Kentucky Market as a whole for the past 10 years. The chart shows the average list price of all residential properties vs. the average sale price during the 10 year period from 2002-2012. While the average list price, during the period from December 2002 thru December 2012 shot up 28.2% from 170K to 218K, the average sale price dropped 5%, from 140K to 133K.   


Northern Kentucky MLS 10 year average sale price vs. average list price 2002-2012